Notice about the system

On Thursday August 15 the system was upgraded by the Microsoft hosting facility. After the upgrade we noticed that a subset of our uses could not access their mailboxes. We have been working with Microsoft support on this since Thursday afternoon. They determined that the migration process did not correctly migrate some of our user accounts and they are working on a way to fix that. No existing or incoming email was lost during the process. This only impacts a userís ability to log on.

We are not sure when the fix is going to be completed so we have come up with a workaround for our users to access their mailboxes using temporary accounts we have created. Here are the steps:

At this point you should now be in your actual mailbox with full rights to read your inbox and send new messages.

Unfortunately youíll have to use this method for mailbox access until Microsoft has fixed the problem. The SMC Helpdesk will let you know when the problem has been resolved.